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Релиз ноты

Свернутый текст

Lamannia Update 35 Release Notes
Here are the Lamannia Release Notes for Update 35, released for preview on 3/7/2017. These notes will change over time.

Of Special Note:

A new player race is available! The Dragonborn is free to VIP players, and available to purchase in the DDO Store for everyone else. NOTE: Character paths are not available for Dragonborn characters at this time.

New Raid
A new raid is now available for preview! Riding the Storm Out can be accessed by the NPC named Dalwyneth, located near the fountain in the Stormreach Marketplace.

Two New Quests
Two new quests are now available for preview! Both The Newcomers and Black and Blue can be accessed by the NPC's Yoldorim and Mikyra respectively, located near the fountain in the Stormreach Marketplace.

Racial Reincarnation
Players can now choose to have their characters undergo a racial reincarnation! The process is similar to a True Reincarnation, and can be done by visiting the Reincarnation Grove in the Hall of Heroes. A new item called a Heart of Blood is needed for Reincarnation, which can be purchased in the DDO Store and via Tokens of the Twelve.

News and Notes:


Monsters killed by instant death effects will now share their aggro normally to their allies.

Dragonborn's enhancement tree is available for preview.


    Vanguard's Melee Power Boost now properly benefits from abilities that grant Extra Action Boosts.
    Vanguard's Melee Power Boost now has a cooldown consistent with other Action Boosts.
    Vanguard's Melee Power Boost is now Melee and Ranged Power.
    Vanguard's Melee and Ranged Power Boost now shares a cooldown with other Action Boosts.
    Ravager's Melee Power Boost now has text properly reflecting that it also grants Ranged Power.
    Battle Engineer's Action Boost: Damage has been changed to Action Boost: Melee and Ranged Power.
    Weapon Attachment's cooldown is now 15 seconds for Warforged, Bladeforged, and Artificers. Its induction time is now 2 seconds, and will no longer disappear when traveling through portals.
    Henshin Mystic's Balance in Dawn's healing now scales properly in Reaper difficulty.
    Many racial enhancement trees have been adjusted. The adjustments are as follows:
        Warforged and Bladeforged
            Repair Systems has had its cost reduced to 1 Action Point per rank.
            (Warforged Only): Mithral Fluidity reduces Armor Check by 2/4/6.
            Warforged's Adamantine Fluidity is now 4/8/12.
            Bladeforged's Brute Fighting now matches the rest of the game.
            Improved Power Attack is now 1 AP.
            (Warforged Only): There is now a new enhancement called Memories of the Last War, which is a Tier 3 and 4 enhancement which requires 15 AP spent in the tree, and costs 1 AP:
                Choose from the following:
                    +15 Determination Bonus to Melee and Ranged Power
                    +25 Determination Bonus to Universal Spell Power
                    +3 Determination Bonus to all Saving Throws.
                    +8 Determination Bonus to Armor Class and Physical Resistance Rating.
                    The Tier 4 version allows a character to make a second choice from the above list that is not the same as the one selected for Tier 3.
            Orcish Weapon Training is now +1/2/3/4 to-hit and damage with one-handed Melee weapons, and +2/4/6/8 with two-handed Melee weapons.
            Lock Bash is no longer tied to a Dragonmark or Sunder. This enhancement now has a cooldown, and a new animation. Lock Bash is no longer influenced by or required to have Thieves' Tools.
            Orcish Rage is now an Action Boost: Orcish Rage now grants +40 Melee Power and a +2 Primal Bonus to Strength, and no longer reduces Physical Resistance Rating. Orcish Rage continues to prevent spellcasting, and causes monks to be uncentered. This Action Boost shares a cooldown with other Action Boosts.
            Improved Power Attack is now 1 AP.
            Power Rage now has a third rank, and the Barbarian requirement has been removed.
            Brutality is no longer specific to two-handed weapons.
            Raging Crush no longer has limited uses, nor requires Raging. Raging Crush does +3[W] and has a 30 second cooldown.

            Improved Dilettante has had its cost reduced to 1 AP.
            Dilettantes now have the following benefits in addition to what they already do, unless indicated:
                Artificer: +30 Spell Points
                Barbarian: +10 (instead of +5) Hit Points
                Bard: +30 Spell Points
                Cleric: +30 Spell Points
                Druid: +30 Spell Points
                Favored Soul: +30 Spell Points
                Fighter: +1 to hit
                Monk: Removed the Centered requirement
                Sorcerer: +30 Spell Points
                Wizard: +30 Spell Points
            Half-elf Dilletante Tier 2:
                Spellcasting: Increased Spell Power to +5.
                Fixed base damage of Sly Flourish to +1[W].
            Half-elf Dilletante Tier 4:
                Barbarian: +10 Hit Points
                Spellcasting: Spell Power has been increased to +5
                Rogue: Cooldown is now 30 seconds. The Saving Throw has been updated to properly reflect full character level, and the Bomb DC boost has had scaling added.
            Diplomatic Immunity now lasts for 60 seconds, or until you attack, and now has a 120 second cooldown.
            Child of the Mountain no longer reduces Reflex Saving Throws.
            Dwarven Hands of Stone's DC is now 10 + Character Level + Constitution modifier + Transmutation Bonuses
            Dwarf Fortress now works when wielding a Thrown Weapon with your Shield.
            Bonus to damage is now a unique bonus to Melee and ranged Power
            Vermin Lore: Damage has been increased to +3/6/9
            Ambidexterity is now 1 AP per rank.
            Faerie Fire no longer has a Saving Throw, its effect now lasts for 10 seconds, it no longer uses charges, and now costs 2 Spell Points. The Druid spell version also no longer has a Saving Throw, and lasts for 10 seconds.
            Darkfire's description has been updated to correct its DC. This SLA now scales with 150% Spell Power, costs 5 Spell Points, and cannot be countered.
            Darkfire is affected by the Empower, Maximize, Quicken, Enlarge, and Intensify Metamagic Feats.
            Nothing is Hidden has had its cost reduced to 1 AP. This also applies to Drow, Morninglord, and Shadar-kai.
            Spiked Chain Attacks (and their upgrade effects) now scale with 200% Melee Power.
            Winter Favored now scaled with Melee Power.
            Vicious, Slashing, and Forceful Chain have had their cost reduced to 1 AP.

Epic Destinies

    Legendary Dreadnought's Damage Boost is now Melee and Ranged Power.
    Legendary Dreadnought's Action Boosts should not fail as often when activating several things rapidly.


    Heroic Executioner's Platemail was using Epic Armor Class values. This has been corrected.
    Players with outdated versions of Firebreak (Heroic and Epic), Wall of Wood (Heroic and Epic), and the Epic Corruption of Nature can now update these items in the Stone of Change.
    Air elementals only knock down characters when actively engaging in their charge behavior.

Characters can now undergo a Racial Reincarnation. The Past life feats are as follows, the first for the first reincarnation, the second for the second reincarnation. The third reincarnation is always +1 Racial Action Point:

    Warforged: +2 Repair, +1 Constitution
    Drow: +2 Search, +1 Intelligence
    Dwarf: +2 Balance, +1 Constitution
    Elf: +2 Spot, +1 Dexterity
    Gnome: +2 Use Magic Device, +1 Intelligence
    Halfling: +2 Move Silently, +1 Dexterity
    Half-elf: +2 Diplomacy, +1 Charisma
    Half-orc: +2 Intimidate, +1 Strength
    Human: +2 Haggle, +1 Wisdom
    Dragonborn: +2 Spellcraft, +1 Charisma

Items are preserved in inventory during a Racial Reincarnation, instead of being placed in your TR Cache.


    The Captain has been added to the Lamannia Test Dojo. This NPC gives characters all Guild Buffs available.
    Update 35 items can now be found in the Test Dojo.
    The Character Bank tab has been updated to match the Shared Account bank UI. (Note: This is very likely NOT going live until after U35.)



Решение проблемы со входом в клиент Ламании



Не, у меня другая проблема была.

Но я ее профиксил. Скоро напишу всю инфу.



Время освещать инфу...

1. Квесты Выглядят как недопиленное непонятно что.
2. Вход в них и рейд возле фонтана на маркетплейсе (рядом с входом в квест из прошлого апдейта).
3. В рейд еще не ходил, может схожу. В него можно идти сразу, преквестов нет (на ламании, может на лайфе будут).
4. Уровни 10/30. Рейд только на кап (и он вроде как не легендарный...).
5. Стоимость еще не определенна, на Ламании - 9999 DP (так они сейчас называются).

1. Стоимость тоже еще не определена.
2. Иконик версии нет.
3. Похожи на аргониан, только хвост отрубили.
4. Статы +2 STR and CHA, -2 DEX
5. Есть расовые фиты, связанные со стихией.
6. Ветка энхансов похожа на попиленную судьбу драконика. (запилю на вики: http://ddowiki.com/page/Dragonborn_enhancements пока будет так )

Свернутый текст


Расовая реинка:
1. Бонусы в нотах: 1-й тир - скилл, 2-й тир - стат, 3-й тир - доп АП для расовой ветки.
2. Максимум +10 доп АП для расовых энхансов (закрыв все расовые реинки).
3. Сердце стоит 20 обычных токенов твелва (это же сердце используется для героик реинки).
4. Иконики не могут сделать данный вид реинки.

Свернутый текст


1. Героик - галерея: https://postimg.org/gallery/3g9fvp346/
2. Легендарный - галерея: https://postimg.org/gallery/dijt7h2w/
3. Рейд- галерея: https://postimg.org/gallery/2plpn5ykm/
4. Внешний вид - галерея: https://postimg.org/gallery/3dui5w1lo/



Ебаный насос. Это ж сколько еще качаться придется теперь. Когда в лайв обещают?



Про лайф я хз, думаю еще неделю точно ждать.
Плюс есть одна магия, я думаю скоро будет еще 2 рассы (может в новом экпаншене или еще когда-то, короче говоря до 2019 рас станет 12).
Причина: бонус к статам (ко всем по 2 раза, к силе и мудрости 1 раз)



Давайте честно, кому-то что-то нужно из нового шмота?

Мое мнение: пару раз сходить посмотреть на новый контент и хватит. Шмот не особо, особенно в сравнении со слейв лордами + нужно задрачивать расовые ПЛ и пока мы это сделаем, шмот из этого рейда перестанет быть актуальным.



Глянул шмот частично, сложилось впечатление, что говнище то еще. Особенно рейдовое. Нахуя так делать?



Вот короче видосик (первые минут 50) как рейд делают с девом, но не с самого начала.

Что пропустили:
В начале есть 2 пазла нового типа на запоминание (о по рейду они тоже раскиданы).
После их решения рейд лочится и появляется проход в основную зону рейда.
В ней есть жирные скилеты, который можут хорошо продамажить и летающий дракон настакивает на тебя доты. (10 дот дают около 1к электро дамага)
В центре, где они стоят на видосике - настакивание не должно работать.
В это комнате нужно зарешать 6 новых пазлов, проблема только в мобах, которые могут подбежать. Из-за этого можно не увидеть последовательность или мискликнуть.



Cordovan написал(а):

The DDO Game worlds will be brought down on Thursday, March 16th from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) to release Update 35: The Dragonblood Prophecy. Click here for the Release Notes. Thank you for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon.



Сейчас у дроу будет очень прикольная абилка
Darkfire's description has been updated to correct its DC. This SLA now scales with 150% Spell Power, costs 5 Spell Points, and cannot be countered.
Darkfire is affected by the Empower, Maximize, Quicken, Enlarge, and Intensify Metamagic Feats.

Это 3 луча по 30д12...
На ламании, не особо одетым оно выдавало в среднем 2.3к дамаги на 1 луче, на крите - 5+к (лучей 3). Откат 6 секунд, метамагии работают, скейлинг 150%.
Возможно ее занерфят...



Релиз ноты пача


    Fixed an issue that prevented some enemies from becoming Champions.

Quests and Adventure Areas

    Riding the Storm Out
        Some monster hit points have been reduced, and some monsters rebalanced.
        Fixed an issue with the sheltered effect.


    Druid and Artificer pet enhancements will now work properly again.


    Fixed an issue with Feint to work properly now.

Monster Manual

    New Update 35 monsters are now reflected in their proper Monster Manuals.


    Corrected Dragonborn animations when using an Eldritch Blast.
    Fixed an issue where Dragonborn charging Rune Arms did not animate properly.
    Female Dragonborn now properly strafe run.
    Dragonborn will now show cosmetic eye effects.


    Warlocks will no longer see placeholder text during character creation.



Релиз ноты нового пача


    The Heart of Blood tooltip has been updated to reflect that it is used for Heroic Racial Reincarnation.
    Equipped quivers will now properly auto-gather when set to do so.
    The treasure tables for Epic Plane of Night (VON 6) have been rebuilt to properly drop the things they should, including Greater Tokens of the Twelve, Red Dragonscales, Mythic bonuses, and Reaper bonuses.
    Most Damage Reduction bypassing effects for handwraps should now properly work. (NOTE: Shintao Cord and Kyosho's Ring set bonus is not included in this fix.)


    Enemies that disappear no longer sometimes receive multiple Champion buffs or heal to full.

Quests and Adventure Areas

    Under the Big Top
        Puzzle wheel traps now have reduced damage, in that they only cause a single trap explosion rather than the multiple explosions that happens previously.


    Male Dragonborn two-handed sword animations have been adjusted.
    Drow's Darkfire has been adjusted as follows: It only fires one missile, has a Base Damage of 1d6 per character level, with no max caster level, has its damage scale at 100% spell power, costs 5 spell points instead of Action Boost charges, and has a six second cooldown.

Прощай желание играть дроу...



Релиз ноты еще одного пача


    Fixed an issue where monks could sometimes fire melee abilities already on cooldown.


    Drow Darkfire now deals 1d8 damage per Character Level, is now slightly faster to cast, and has a lowered spell point cost of 4 SP.


    Racial capstone feats now appear in the character sheet Feats list.


    The specialized randomized items from the Stormhorns and Wheloon have been updated. These items were incorrectly appearing with Mythic and Reaper bonuses, and were able to be deconstructed in Cannith Crafting. They no longer are compatible with Cannith Crafting. However, they also no longer drop with Reaper or Mythic bonuses, which is not working as intended.
    Handwraps now properly use increased haste bonuses.
    Heroic Against the Slave Lords item crafting is now less expensive. The cost is now 50/20 ingredients rather than 100/25.
    Ingredient drop rates in Against the Slave Lords have been increased in chests at every difficulty, with a slightly higher chance for a more numerous amount to drop per chest.
    Completing Against the Slave Lords will now offer more ingredients in the end reward list.

Quests and Adventure Areas

    A teleport NPC has been added in Reaver's Reach.
    Haywire's Foundry
        The experience for the optional objective "Defeat the elementals" has been reduced. XP for some other optionals has been increased to make up the difference.
    Riding the Storm Out
        The raid has had its XP increased.
        Characters that are on the raid timer can now talk to the quest giver and access the rune barter shop.
    Slave Pits of the Undercity
        The number of enemies that spawn on Normal difficulty have been slightly reduced.
        A rest shrine has been added.
        Slaves now properly emote when set free.
        Decoration and lighting has been added one section of the dungeon.
        Kobold janitors were hired to clean up the slime passage to make it possible for adventurers to move more quickly through the area.
        Traps will no longer respawn.
    Secret of the Slaver's Stockade
        Water will now properly remove honey from pets and hirelings.
        Monster numbers now scale better throughout the dungeon.
        The Ogre Magi is no longer useable after you let him go.
        The XP has been slightly increased.


    Female Dragonborn two-handed sword animations have been polished.

Reaper Difficulty

    Players will no longer heal hit points and spell points when logging out then back into a Reaper dungeon.
    The feats for White and Purple Reaper Eyes no longer disappear upon log out.


    Logging out while in the Forgotten Realms on your Dragonborn character will no longer display a black background.
    Update 35 quests in the Adventure Compendium now display information when moused over.


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